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About us

Warm greetings from felt and thread family!!!

Felt is a unique fabric that is made without weaving or knitting fibers together. Instead, the fibers are compressed and matted together, creating a soft and moldable material. While felt is typically made from wool or animal fibers, it can also be made from synthetic materials.

We feel proud to provide first-class quality, ethically produced, and eco-friendly handcrafted felt supplies. We are highly experienced and renowned woolen felt handicraft manufacturer and Exporter Company, based in Tarakeshwor-10 Kathmandu Nepal. Additionally, our specialization is on making home decor items, wool felt shoes, cat house, tea coaster, pot stand, rugs, dryer laundry balls, wool felt stools and many more! We process our fine quality wool  by carding, dying to different colors and felt to shape items to meet the desires of our valued customers. In a nut shell, Our objective is to promote Nepalese Handicraft all around the world market and support to marginalized women in Nepal.

We are always in the look of opportunity to create employment to the local household Nepalese women who are from the remote villages. Also,we provide them with training, wages, and a safe working environment. We are focused to upgrade their living standard and try to uplift their economic status so they can provide good meal and good education to their children. By choosing Felt and Thread, you choose to support sustainable, eco-friendly craft and make up skilling the people.

Thank you and welcome to the world of felt products!!

Our Team

Laxmi Pandey​

Executive Director

Rajan Pantha


Ramesh Maharjan

Marketing Director

Prasun Pantha

Sales & Marketing

Pratima Shrestha


Madhav G.C

Factory Manager

Sunil Chaudhary

Shipping Officer

Binod Ranapaheli

Pressing Head

Radhika Ghimire


Karuna Gurung


Sunita Koirala


We are proud of our team and we love the work that we work in team. Felt and Thread values the role its people are playing play in preserving this functional art form.

Most of the people we hire have no formal education. When they work with us, they receive on the job training and a fair wage. The artisans who make our products tell us that they love their jobs for 3 key reasons:

  1. They have flexibility
  2. They enjoy the working environment
  3. Their work gives them a sense of pride and they feel their future is secured

We hire craftspeople that live within walking distance of our workshops. Often they are able to work from home and watch their children. When a maker finishes making the items from home, she simply brings it to our place.

About half of our team handles making the felt balls. The other half focuses on the other products. A few team members take care of things like training, quality control, supervision and product collection.

We have an in-house inspection team to ensure that your specific requirement has been fully met and has fulfilled your 100% satisfaction. We thrive to provide the best quality product as the product has to go through very strict different levels of quality checks before even moving to the packaging team. Then our dedicated packaging team will pack the products with care and store it in appropriate places so that it can be received by the courier company easily.

What’s worth noting is that even before we ship your goods, for the final inspection, the team will randomly pick a packaged box/s (depending on your order) to ensure packaging and product meets our high standard before we ship to you.